Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pigging out with the Piggies

Hahahahahah! I am so tickled pink by the title of my post.

I had a late dinner with my friends, Mona, Mayette and Jon at Causeway Seafood Restaurant, Banawe St. Quezon City.

Starting from 9 pm up to midnight, some of the dim sum dishes are 30% off.

We ordered lots and lots of baskets of steamed goodies.

We each got one order of Steamed Spareribs....

Steamed Chicken Feet....

And .....Sio Mai

Hehehe I am very happy because they said my Sio Mai tastes better.

We all shared ......

Sio Long Bao

Seafood Roll

Steamed Pata

Beancurd Roll

Kuchay Dumpling

Sharksfin Dumpling

And a big bowl of Almond Jelly with Lychee!

We were soooo full after indulging!

On our way home, we all vowed to start exercising again. Lucky Mayette, she already started with her daily routine. I have yet to look for my running shoes hidden at the far end of my shoe cabinet but I really, really want to start my exercise regimen. Sooner than later. I am very fat now!

I am just so glad that my friends are also getting fat! :)

I do not feel alone! (Hahahaha ha .... Snort and giggle)

Thank you again Mayette and Jon for our late night pig out session! Until the next time!



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