Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cooking Rice

Cooking rice has been my Achilles heel almost all my life. Usually, when I cook rice, it will still be "crunchy", take note, not chewy but crunchy. Or...... It would be like porridge.

I do not how to cook rice properly. I asked my family, neither my Ate nor PD can cook rice! Definitely, not my mom when she was still alive. We just always took it for granted that there was rice on the table.

Last Sunday, I felt so proud that the rice I cooked was perfect!

I discovered the secret! Aside from the 1:1 ratio, when the rice cooker button or lever goes back to the warm setting, just let the rice rest 30 minutes before serving. It is the same with meat and poultry, you let it rest first for a few minutes before carving or slicing.

It is what we call in-in. It is what I normally do every morning, I let myself "in-in" for a few minutes before getting up from bed.

I cooked my own rice tonight, feeling confident it would turn out exactly the way it did last Sunday. Hermie already put it in my small 1 C. rice container. I was surprised it was "crunchy"!

I found out that after it went back to the "warm" setting, Hermie AGAIN put it in the COOK setting! And she did not even wait a few minutes to serve it to me! I was so surprised the bottom part was dry and overcooked!

I had to cook my rice again.

So, all along I thought something was wrong with me! I could cook almost anything but my rice would always turn out "inedible" only to find out it was not my fault!


Yay! I know already how to cook rice!

Congratulations are in order! I am very proud of my accomplishment!


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