Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Trader Joe's "Baratillo"

Welcome Home, Pinky!

Pinky came home bearing loot! We ordered assorted Trader Joe's goodies from her.

She named our get-together as Trader Joe's Baratillo.

She already put our orders in individual shopping bags.

I am not a fan of the Butter Cookie Spread so I only asked for the Chocolate covered potato chips!

Heavenly! Hehehehe I did not share with the others. I only let Mona take one bite, she has her own but will give it to Tita Cena for Mother's Day. I told her to just get from Mama's. Mine is off-limits.

My friends wanted to order food from me but I had to decline because of the heat in my kitchen. I cannot switch on the fan because the flame of the stove will die. I have an air conditioner in the kitchen but I do not want to use it.

I suggested we order food from RK Garden on Jupiter St.

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Buttered Chicken

RK Chopsuey

Broccoli with Beef

Minced Pork with Lettuce

Fish Fillet with Taosi

I wanted to transfer the food into the serving platters but they said just to leave the food in the boxes.

Ohhhh I made baby cua paos for the early birds.

We had ice cream for dessert! Arce Ube and Mantecado flavors.

The Biscoff Crunchy Cookie Butter spread complemented the Mantecado ice cream.

Pinky's Baratillo was a success. A lot of people still wanted to get the cookie butter spread but she ran out of stock.

Until your next Trader Joe's Sale, Pinky!



  1. oh wow! thats a lot of goodies! i also like the chocolate covered potato chips... i like the sweet salty combination. i have yet to try biscoff spread. which is better... that or trader joe's cookie butter?

    1. Hi Vicky! I prefer Biscoff only because it is more spreadable.