Sunday, May 19, 2013

Our Very Own Lechon Cebu from Scratch

Mayette and I had this dream for so long..... We wanted to roast the Lechon ourselves! Finally.... Today was THE day!

She and her husband invited the whole group at the Padilla-Yara Farm, San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. This place belongs to Jon's family.

Upon reaching the farm..... We were so surprised our hosts already set the picnic tables. I call this picture....

Mayette's Slice of Life.

As soon as we settled ourselves.... We started working on our project.

I was so glad the pig was already dressed and ready for seasoning and stuffing.

I told Mayette I will not be able to eat the Lechon if I have seen it still alive and kicking!

No way! If I saw these pigs before lunch, I would never have eaten the Lechon.

I browsed the Internet and asked several people how to season the pig. I just combined all their suggestions and recipes online.

Lechon Cebu :

25 K. Pig






Pineapple chunks and juice



Sprite (for basting)

Soy sauce (for color)

Cooking oil (for basting)

I put everybody to work.

Mayette's assignment was to spread the soy sauce all over the pig.

Mon and Tricia pounded the garlic. We used the caretaker's outdoor dining area for the preparation.

Jing and Mona cleaned and trimmed the leeks and lemongrass.

The rest of the crew helped......

Jon was Dra. Mayette's assistant....

Sherman sponsored half the cost of our pig! Thank you!

Jing! Why do you have that naughty and evil grin!?

Work all done! Well....most of the work.

The manong lechonero had to secure the opening with a wire.

Then.... The long and slow process of roasting Lechon began.

I tried turning the bamboo pole a few times. It was not easy.

We had snacks while waiting for lunch.... Crackers,Strawberry preserves, cream cheese, olive oil butter, cheese pimiento sandwiches, chips and drinks.

Mon was assigned to set up the Mah Jong table.

Perfect activity when roasting a pig so you will not get bored.

Jing and I took pictures of each other taking picture of each other! Hahahaha ha! We are silly that way.

After a couple of hours........


Our Lechon Cebu from Scratch! We finally did it! YAY!!!!!

We only had grilled eggplant with it.... Our dipping sauces were Mang Tomas and Suka from Romblon with soy sauce, calamansi and sili.

The Lechon was sooooooooo flavorful! I did not even have to use the vinegar-soy sauce!

We were so happy with our accomplishment!

Not everybody gets an opportunity to roast a pig in their yard! Our first experiment was a success and we are already planning our next Lechonan.

Thank you, Mayette and Jon for another unforgettable experience!



  1. wow! wish i was there! i miss the fun and the lafangan. haha.. congrats for the successful experiment! sa susunod na lechonan ksma nko ha..

  2. Lia, I loved lechon, I really did! I will never forget that one bite I took at the Salcedo saturday market, where I think I died and went to heaven for a full one minute! Sadly, I just cant shake the thought that the pig had to die, and nothing can console me, not even the thought that by becoming a lechon, the pig's mission on earth is completed and he is now an angel pig...or something. Nevertheless, Im happy for you that you achieved another culinary goal!

    1. Thanks, Happy! Hehehe I have no problem if the pig is dressed already.