Friday, May 17, 2013

Mang Recto Spaghetti

My classmates and I had a "Mang Recto" get-together at my house. I was able to get the number of Mrs. "Mang" Recto from Aileen.

I posted an open invitation in FB that the group would order a gallon of sauce and everybody was welcome to join us. I then followed up the invitation via text.

What is so special about Mang Recto's spaghetti?

When we were in high school, we would always hangout in one of the houses in Palm Village and order the spaghetti, chili or halo halo.

Most of the batch mates overseas asked if it still tasted the same.... I replied, so far so good.

I prefer my sweet style sauce better but what we were after was recreating the different experiences we had with our friends during high school.

We asked Tricia to order barbecue for us.

Bought bread at Rustan's, Rockwell.

We had our chips, soda,Sangria ( c/o Bibo ).... Also the booze was sponsored by those who love to drink!

I am always willing to try anything. Bibo mixed a drink for me, Jack Daniels with Coke Zero. I told them it tasted like gulaman and sago. I had several glasses...l do indulge occasionally.

Our dessert was Caramel Cake from Costa Brava.

We just divided the expenses among us.

I was so glad because we all had a fun time, we missed Jodie, Tin, Jopet, Serla and Cath. Hopefully next time, they will be able to join us.




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