Thursday, May 2, 2013


I have many pictures for my blog but I have been so busy these past few days! Super dooper almost no time for myself. I was spending my time Spring/Summer cleaning.... Gosh! Why do we have so many things at home?!?! I am not a hoarder but.... The amount of "treasure" I unearthed was "monumental"!

Plus... The grandmother of Sophie passed away last Tuesday, the family spent time at the wake.

So.... in between spring cleaning, the wake and garage sale with friends.......

Went to the new Crystal Jade in Bonifacio High Street Central....

Chicken with Mushroom and Sausage

Chilled Cucumber Salad

Penang Hor Fun

Deep Fried Yam

Baked Bolo Bun with Barbecued Pork Filling.

Dessert was at Gourmandise, Serendra.....

Lemon and Salted Caramel Eclair.

Jatujak, Megamall

Crab Cakes

Assorted Satay with Peanut Sauce

Mixed Vegetables in Coconut Sauce

Would you believe I ate at RK Garden Seafood Restaurant, Jupiter twice in a day?

Lunch with PD, Sophie and Mona

We ordered my favorite Yang Chow Fried Rice

Fried Spareribs with Salt and Pepper

Shrimps with Broccoli

Buttered Chicken

Oyster Cake

Mango Sago

I went back for dinner after the wake with PD and Ate's family.

We ordered again the Fried Rice and the Spareribs with Salt and Pepper. I think this will be my favorite combination from now on with Broccoli Shrimps.

I also loved the Fried Noodles with Assorted Meat.

Beef with Broccoli

Pork Asado

Mariger and Jing went to the wake with me the next day... then we had lunch at Yabu, House of Katsu at the new Robinson's Magnolia Place.

We were given a small bowl with Sesame Seeds.

You have to grind the sesame seeds with the pestle.

Hahaha! The look of frustration on Mariger's face? Priceless!

Jing ordered Katsudon.

Mariger and I both ordered the Tonkatsu set.

The meat was very tender!

PD and I had merienda at UCC, Rockwell before going back to the wake.

She had the Coffee Parfait.

I had the Mais con Yelo Parfait.

We just spilt an order of Cliffhanger. Huge serving, we did not even finish it, maybe because we had the dessert before eating the sandwich?

PD invited Sophie and Gilly for dinner tonight. The choice of the kids was Japanese food. We ate at Sumo Sam at PowerPlant Mall.

I was so full..... Been eating the whole day.... I only ordered Tuna Sashimi....

But got a little of everything from everybody.

Tempura Ramen for Gilly....

Katsudon for Sophie.....

PD and I shared her Uni Sashimi....

And... I tried her Beef Teppan.

Whew! I do not know if I am very fat because I have been eating and eating these past few days .... Or maybe because I am on steroids. I asked my Allercollogist, Dr. Manuel Canlas, how to prevent allergies from dust because I will be spring cleaning, He prescribed Decilone and instructed me to increase my insulin units. My other doctor, Dr. Wassmer-Endocrinoligist, said that steroids will make my sugar reading go up.

Excuses?!?! Hahahaha ha..... Maybe.... but I look like a blown up balloon! Jing proclaimed that the next item on the agenda should be MASKING TAPE!

Go and figure out how it will be helpful to my diet. Hehehehe.



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