Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mah Jong Lunch

We had our Mah Jong Lunch at Mona's house in Alabang Hills today.

We have been planning this activity for weeks! We just play for fun and we do not pay each other with money.... Well...imaginary money only when somebody wins.

Of course, it is just an excuse to eat!

I was just telling Tita Cena earlier.....our food was just simple Filipino food, not gourmet food and yet we enjoyed ourselves.

She said, it was because of the company plus the fact that the food was cooked with love as opposed to just buying from a restaurant.

Mayette and Jon were assigned to bring their famous Chicken and Pork Adobo.

Mona asked me to cook Bicol Express.

Jing's contribution was Rellenong Bangus.

Corry's was Adobong Pusit.

Mon cooked Steamed Lapu-Lapu.

Eric and Tricia's were the Ilocos Emapanada ....

And Tortang Talong.

Mona bought shrimps in the market and we just steamed it.

Tita Cena made sautéed fish eggs.

Mariger and her kids brought dessert, Pistachio and Rocky Road ice cream but they arrived a bit late so I was not able to take pictures.

Our snacks or what we fondly call "kutkutin"..... Cornicks from Ilocos, mini anchovy spring rolls from Singapore and goodies from Japan.

Mona even prepared merienda! Ginataang Mais!

I wanted to eat and eat and eat but I was so full already! I really loved the food today. We are already planning our next Mah Jong lunch.

It is Mon's birthday on the 16th..... We got him a gift and a little cake.... Hahahaha ok! A tiny cake...

We sang Happy Birthday to him.

Mariger got him a Chocolate birthday cup cake.

Happy Birthday, Mon!

FYI..... I think I won the most number of times! Hahahaha But Mon might object.


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