Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sick, Tired and Resting

I often hear people say, I'm sick and tired of.......

It so happen.... I am sick AND tired of being sick. I have not been well since January 1. I really have a bad case of dust allergy. Dr. Canlas said I am a victim of many circumstances,i.e. I live near EDSA, I have a dog I do not plan to get rid of and I am "immuno-compromised" because I am diabetic.

I had to go to Dr. Llamas today because my ears and throat were very painful already. I was not minding the earache for the past couple of weeks.... But when swallowing was so difficult and painful, it was time to head to my ENT.

I could not swallow?

Ergo... I cannot eat!!!

Goodness! Hahaha How can I post food pictures in my blog if I cannot eat?!

I am tired as well because I have a difficult time breathing because of the head cold.

I was whining to Lisa the other night about being soooo tired. I know other people have worse and terminal conditions but being sick with cold-like symptoms with no abatement for 2 1/2 months tolls the body and the spirit.

I am on my second round of antibiotics already. I hope this time I get better so I can start experimenting in the kitchen again. I do miss cooking and eating, of course.

I have been resting for the past several days.

I know I will be up and "cooking" soon... Sharing my recipes with all my faithful readers.

Give me a few more weeks and let us pray all the medications work!