Monday, March 4, 2013

Other Matters....

I went to J.CO (again) after lunch. This time, I tried Choco Caviar Chocolate and J.cocchino.

Next time, I will just order my favorites, AlCapone and Why Nut!

I cooked Camaron Rebosado tonight.

It is the favorite of my Kuya. He wanted his camaron with no fat.

I made mine with Bacon and for PD, I added a slice of pork back fat! (Forgot to take a picture plus I was too excited to eat the camaron.)

It was a bit difficult to make but I know Kuya and PD would love it.

I am not wheat-free this Lenten season. I gave myself a time frame when I will go back to being wheat-free, which is after Easter. I do not think I can wait that long anymore. My belly is SOOOOOOO Big right now! I feel as though I am going to explode! Hahahaha what is even worse is the fact that my belly is bigger than my chest!

I am just going to eat a few more wheat products and I am definitely ditching that evil grain soon.

But..... I am going to have my fill of donuts first. I still have to eat pizza and I plan to buy Puff Pastry from Landmark to make cheese and mango jam puff.

Crossing my fingers that my belly do not get bigger anymore! If I could, I would show you a picture! Hahahaha! Definitely not a poster kid for Wheat-belly.


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