Friday, March 29, 2013

Holy Week Food

This is the first Holy Week that Sophie and I did not spend with my Ate because she and her family are in the US for a quick holiday and Gilly's graduation gift.

I am feeling so much better after my second round of antibiotics. Hopefully.... I am well already! Yes! Thank you, Jesus!

With a better state of health, my taste buds and appetite came back!

Yikes! My shorts are very loose now, I hope my tummy does not get bigger!

Been trying out a couple of restaurants along Jupiter St.....

There is new Chinese Seafood Restaurant called RK Garden. The original branch is in Tagum City, Davao.

Tried the Lechon Macau...

Steamed Shrimps....

Assorted Green Vegetables with Crabmeat

Yang Chow Fried Rice

I was surprised it tasted quite good .... Lots of ingredients and not bland at all. They must have put a secret ingredient to make it tasty!

Another place I tried on Jupiter was PINO.

Crispy Fried Shrimps with Red Egg....

Crispy Fried Hito...

Bagnet Kare Kare with Bagoong Rice

*The Wriggly Chronicles:

I had one leftover slab of the Bagnet that I was planning to eat for merienda. My fault, I left the takeaway box on the long dining table. After a while, I was looking for Wriggly.... I could not find him! Only to discover that he went up the table and dragged the takeaway box under the table. No wonder I could not find him! He ate one slab of Bagnet!

Bad boy, Wrigglyboy!

Ever since I saw the picture of the Inihaw na Liempo on Sarah's FB page, I've been craving for it but I cannot grill using charcoal. I cannot inhale smoke. :((

I tried to use my stove top grill and cooked Pork Chops

And paired it with my favorite vegetable, Kinilaw Puso ng Saging.

I cooked for my friend, Sarah yesterday.

She is home from overseas to attend the graduation of her son on April 2.


And Lechon Kawali.

Today is Good Friday.....

When I woke up today, my FBS was 205!!!!!!!


I ate 5 pieces of Insular Bakery Ensaimadas! Hehehe not in the pic was the one I ate while I was still at Insular.

My favorite! It was my chance to buy yesterday. P.Burgos St. is a tow away zone, I could never buy because they do not have parking. I left my car at the Mercedes gate and walked all the way to the bakery.

While everybody is out of town and enjoying themselves whether at the beach or overseas, I thought to spend it at Chinatown.

Went to President Grand Palace Restaurant. I called up the night before to check if they are open on Good Friday.

Had my favorite Sizzling Noodles with Seafood....

Steamed Suahe! Soooo good!

Even I do not know how to cook it that way. Sometimes, I tend to overcook my Suahe.

And.... Oyster Pancake.

Where is God in all of these? Well..... I just downloaded the Family Rosary App and learned how to use it!

It is the best! Jing recommended it to me. I can now pray along, especially that my guest for the Lenten week is the Virgin Mary.

So apt for this season of remembering the love of Jesus for us.



  1. good to know you're better. wriggly is sneaky and funny! :))

    1. Hi Vicky! Thanks! I hope I'm truly well already.
      Yup, Wriggly is very sneaky. You cannot trust him.