Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, Tita Tess!

The birthday of Tita Tess was last February but she celebrated it today at Chateau 1771, Greenbelt 5 with our monthly lunch group:

Tita Mita, Tita Josie, Tita Butchie and PD.

Tita Tess ordered salad for everybody.

Arugula Croquette Salad - "Fresh Arugula and Green Ice lettuce tossed in blueberry vinaigrette, mini Parma ham and cheese croquettes."

PD and Tita Tess each ordered Slow Cooked Beef Short Plate - "Marbled beef belly stewed with dried shiitake mushrooms until it falls off the bone."

I got the Gambasetti - "Shrimps, garlic, chorizo and Parmesan tossed in spaghetti."

I rarely eat pasta but I enjoyed my order.

Tita Butchie had the Chicken Rollatini - "Boneless organic chicken leg stuffed with spinach, leeks, bacon and Parmesan cheese, grilled asparagus, port wine sauce, organic brown and red rice."

Tita Mita ordered the Lemon Chicken - "Crisp-fried organic chicken leg nuggets coated with honey-lemon sauce."

Tita Josie only wanted Chateau Gambas - "Sautéed in olive oil, garlic, shrimps and chorizo."

Dessert.... Panna Cotta, "Italian cooked cream that is light as heaven and not too sweet" for Tita Mita who is a "dessert person".

We all shared an order of Coffee Pie - "A must have for non-dessert lovers. Chocolate-Cashew crust with coffee filling topped with cream cheese and toffee sauce."

Everybody always looks forward to our lunches.

My "dates" never ran out of interesting and funny stories.

Thank you, Tita Tess for the delicious birthday treat!

Thank you also for always reading my blog. It encourages me to cook and eat more and more each day!

Belated Happy Birthday, Tita Tess!!!



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