Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter at Megamall

Happy Easter!

I have not been to mass yet but I already celebrated today.

Had lunch at Yabu House of Katsu, Megamall.

...... ordered the Premium Tonkatsu Set, Berkshire Pork.

I am already eating all food high in wheat content because I plan to reduce my wheat intake starting tomorrow.

Crossing my fingers!!!! XXX

Look what I found in SM!

A mini rice cooker!

I was just exploring the mall when I saw this food kiosk ....

Angry Puffs

They are air puffed snacks in different flavors.

I got the sweet and spicy flavor.

I love chips and puffs! Hahahaha that is why I am so "PUFFY"!

Getting ready now to prepare what I need for the farewell to the Virgin Mary.

I am occasionally invited to join the Libra St. Block Rosary even if I live on a different street.

Bye bye, Mama Mary! Thanks for staying at my place for a week!


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