Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Blessed with Good Friends

I am so lucky! I am blessed with good friends!

Jing and Mona volunteered to arrange my books by authors and to put my favorite books where they are easily accessible. I cannot do it because I am allergic to dust.

I promised to cook Mongolian Beef Barbecue for them.

We invited Mayette to join us for lunch. She brought my favorite part of the Lechon, the ribs!

We fried it in a little oil and we had vinegar, calamansi, soy sauce and chili peppers for our dipping sauce.

She also brought Custaroons from the bake shop near Father Pio in the Libis area.

Custaroons is a cross between custard and macaroons.

Mona let us taste the Sans Rival from Dumaguete City.

OMG! We could not move and breathe after lunch! We were just so full! I was having heart palpitations. Dra. Mayette wanted me to get my bp monitor machine.

Hahaha! I told her my Mom and I used to fight because I would insist own taking her BP after eating Lechon. Of course the reading would be high!

I am not only blessed with good and kind friends..... But also blessed that I can be with them during lunch time! That is a novelty nowadays.

We always count our blessings and cannot wait for our next eating tournament!




  1. oh wow you have an eating marathon? :D you're friends are so lucky to have you cook for them.

  2. Yes Vicky, and she shares her recipes. All her dishes are delicious, she does't scrimp on ingredients.