Saturday, March 9, 2013

Binondo Food Exploration

I went to Binondo today to check out if there is something I could buy for our Chinese lunch with friends tomorrow. I am not in a cooking mood right now because I am still sick. I have been sick since January 1! Serious case of dust and smoke allergies. Flu like symptoms but I do not have the flu. So, you can just imagine how I am feeling. A bit worse now because I have an ear ache, which means I have a very bad case of congestion.

But....... That did not stop me from to going to Chinatown! Hahaha! I figured.... I have been taking allergy shots and spending a fortune in medication...... And then I am isolating myself from pollution.... And thought to myself..... what would happen if I inhale and inhale all the pollutants in the city????? Sorry folks.... That therapy did not work.

My first stop was President Grand Palace on Ongpin St.

I have not eaten my favorite noodles in months!

Sizzling Noodles with Pork and Shrimps

..... "heard" my noodles before I saw it because it was really "sizzling"!

I could not order anything more because I was just by myself. Nothing wrong with being alone.... It just meant all for me! I did not have to share!

After my heavy noodle feast, I walked around Binondo...felt bad I could not eat at the other restaurants because my stomach was so full!

Went to Bee Tin Grocery....was able to buy 20 pcs. of Camaron Relleno! Will take a picture tomorrow when I serve it for lunch.

I am all "cua pao'd out" but still bought the preserved mustard.

Maybe tomorrow I will make again. Still have my last 2 mantou in the freezer and braised pork belly.

Mayette asked me to buy her the freshly cooked cornicks.

You can locate the vendor on Q. Paredes across RCBC. She used to buy a lot and send it to relatives in the US.

Bought PD pasalubong, I remember she likes the candied white beans.

Tried the Fresh Vegetable Lumpia at New Po Heng.

The famous Binondo Walking Tour group was also there.

Eng Bee Tin Ube Hopia, my pasalubong for my Kuya.

Love the Garlic Peanuts! I bought a small pack only.

Hoping to discover more, walked the whole stretch of Quentin Paredes.

I ended up on Dasmarinas St. I went to Ying Ying Teahouse and ordered a can of Coke Zero and Pork Siomai because I was very thirsty.

I wanted to eat at all the food establishments! But I really could not! So, I just went inside the restaurants and checked out the food at Wai Ying, Happy Delicious, Shin Ton Yon, La Mien, Cafe Mezzanine, Quick Snak, etc. Then checked out the different Chinese bakeries and groceries.

Hahaha Funny story.... Jing and I have the Find Friends app on our phones, she was texting me my location every so often and said, I can see you! She was so afraid I would just burst and explode because of over eating.

Once in a while, it is fun and enjoyable to walk and eat your way around Chinatown. I enjoyed my Binondo Food Exploration.


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