Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Lunch at TWG

My senior friends and I had a Valentine's lunch at TWG, Greenbelt 5 today.

I was with PD, Tita Tess, Tita Butchie and Tita Josie. Tita Mita was not able to join us because her son from NYC is just here for a week.

I had the Iced Eternal Summer Tea.

I only ordered a salad with poached egg, roast chicken, freshly grated Parmesan, tomatoes, salad greens, Alfa Alfa sprouts and crumbled bacon. I asked them to serve the tea infused dressing on the side.

PD ordered the Tea-infused Asparagus soup.....

And Foie gras Salad with marinated shrimps, French beans, Alfa Alfa sprouts, smoked salmon, Roma tomatoes and salad greens with the tea-infused dressing on the side.

Tita Butchie had the Eggs Benedict.

Tita Josie had the Scrambled Eggs with Matcha while Tita Tess had the Scrambled Eggs with white truffle oil.

I loved the Toasted Brioche that came with the order of Tita Tess. I took a little bite.

My dessert was tea infused ice cream with caramelized macadamia nuts.

We all exchanged Valentine's token gifts after lunch.

Everybody always looks forward to our lunches. We already set the date for our next get-together, the birthday celebration of Tita Tess.

Until then.... My Senior Friends!


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