Saturday, February 2, 2013

Spicy Food

I recently had spicy food. Nothing I cannot handle for I am a "Bicolana".

I cooked one of the sausages Cindy gave me. She said it is the Spicy kind. Well, I did not realize it would be so SPICY!!!!!

Just look at all those "siling labuyo" seeds!

The sausage was moist and really spicy. I had to drink water every so often..... But..... It is not going to stop me from eating the other one. I loved it! I should make potato salad.... It is a perfect match.

Then..... Today, I was able to try the Spicy Chao Fan of Chowking!

I know it would go so well with the Pork BBQ of Beachouse Canteen in U.P. Diliman! I have to make a quick trip there! Preferably, SOON!

It reminded me of the fried rice I used to eat when I was in Grade 3. I was still studying at St. Theresa's College, Q.C. at that time. I remember my Grandma would give me 5 Pesos every Wednesday so I can buy the BBQ and rice during recess. I would run all the way to the High School Department just to eat what I wanted.

Oh! I just realized something! Even at a very young age.... If I had a food craving.... No distance was too far!

Imagine my short chubby little legs, pounding the ground just to eat BBQ on the other side of the campus!?!

I must really love food very much!


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