Monday, February 25, 2013

Relationship Status: Married

My life long dream..... To change my status from Single to Married!

Alas! It is not my destiny.....yet. I am not giving up hope. I already made a pact with God that I do not want to die without getting married. Hahahaha! So even if I am 80 years old already, I will still walk down the aisle! With a cane if the need arises.

That change in status belongs to my niece, Gretchel, the daughter of my cousin. She asked me to be the witness for her civil wedding to her college beau, Nap.

Sophie thinks her cousin is still a kid. She asked me the other day if it was true Gretchel is getting married. I told her that her cousin can get married already because she has graduated from college, passed the nursing board exams, gainfully employed and is of marriageable age of late 20's.

The ceremony was held at the Quezon City Hall of Justice attended by immediate family members of both sides, Ninang and Ninong.

I was listening keenly while the Judge was giving them advise and counsel. Hahaha! I was mentally taking down notes so when I elope I know what is going to happen. Another lifelong dream of mine.... To elope and announce to the world, I just got married!

The newly wedded couple invited us for lunch at Kanin Club, Ayala Technohub. It was my first time there, lots of trees and plants.

I loved the Pinakbet! This is how I want my vegetables! I do not know why our version at home turns muddy all the time.

The couple also ordered Butterflied Tilapia.....

Crispy Dinuguan....

Salmon Belly Sinigang

And.... Turon with Halo Halo filling!

I wish my Godchildren, Nap and Gretchel, a blessed future ahead of them.

Thank you for making me a part of your very special day!


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