Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Favorite Midnight Snack

I think chatting with Lisa via video call is making me fat. I just saw her and her parents cooking delicious Italian Sausages and "steak" tapa for breakfast!

To top it all, Tita Des and Tito Tony were telling me about the crabs from Seaside! I got so hungry!

I went to the kitchen and cooked the remaining Pampanga's Best bacon.

Not one of my favorite brands but I wanted to try it. It was not fatty enough for me. Purefoods bacon is the opposite because I usually save a lot of bacon grease but Hermie throws it away if I forget to tell her to save it for fried rice. My favorite brand is Mekeni. It has enough fat and thickness.

After cooking the bacon, I rarely remove the grease and drippings from the pan, except if I use Purefoods bacon.

I poured all the contents of RAM's Pork and Beans in the pan where I fried the bacon.

Another favorite of mine. I used to love Purefoods Pork and Beans but they do not manufacture it anymore. Ram's has the perfect sweetness and saltiness for me and the beans are very soft, almost mushy. I do not like firm beans.

I only had a few pieces of Baked Mussels, experiment number 2, for dinner that was why I got hungry in the middle of the night.


I am almost there..... But not yet. Maybe on Thursday, when I use Mornay sauce with the mussels, I would probably get it right.

I am really getting fatter each day! Oh no! :((


  1. first time to hear steak tapa. that sounds good! would you know how to cook that? im sure thats great for breakfast... hihihi! the bacon looks good. it looks like it's the smoked type. i love eating smokey flavored stuff!

    1. Hi Vicky! The mom of my friend brought the tapa curing mix to the states. They only have "steak" at home so that was what they used.