Monday, February 25, 2013

I LOVE J.CO Donuts!!!!!

I am several months late in trying this new kid in town because I have not eaten anything with wheat since June 18, 2012 but I am on a Diet Holiday now.

I have always been curious how J.Co donuts taste like. My Ate and her family had it in Shanghai. My friend Pinky said it is the best tasting donut out there.

I got my chance today when I went to Megamall to buy a gift.

I know the line in Greenbelt is always long but in Megamall.... Not too long.... I only had to wait in line for about 10 to 15 minutes. But me being me.... A bit quite "eng eng" .... Lined up only to find out that if I am just ordering 6 or less pieces, there is a another counter. GRRRRRR!

But never mind.... It was worth it, I only ordered 2 pieces because I do not want to die yet, live dangerously, yes. die, no.

I was entertained by watching the crew assemble the donuts on site.

I ordered the best seller... AlCapone..... Donut with white Belgian Chocolate frosting sprinkled with toasted sliced almonds.

I also got Why Nut... filled with peanut butter.

I LOVED the donuts! The dough was light as cotton, not too sweet and not greasy at all.

I bit into the Why Nut and the peanut butter filling exploded everywhere! On my shirt, watch, arms!!!!! It was a delicious hot mess.

Oh my goodness! I can finish 6 donuts in 5 minutes! I would if I could! I loved it that much. I ate one donut in 4 bites!!!! It was THAT delicious, in my opinion.

I cannot wait for my next J.Co Donut fix!!!!



  1. yes i agree! id love to have a donut fix but im waiting for "cheat day" to do so.