Sunday, February 3, 2013

All Smiles..... Because.... It is Eating Time Again!

We had so much fun in Tagaytay last weekend, we planned another eating activity!

Look at all the beautiful smiles of the people who are about to enjoy good food! Even Wriggly was excited and was lining up to get food!

A special request from everybody was Mayette's Adobong Hito.

Mona's contribution was the Butter Garlic Shrimps in Orange Sauce which I cooked for her.

We asked Jing to bring Amber's Pork Barbecue and Pancit Palabok.

My contribution was the Sizzling Squid.....

And..... Sapin Sapin ....... Oh I mean green mango salad.

I directed Jing how to arrange the the salad, I think I was too distracted. Hahahaha Mona said, it looked like Sapin Sapin.

Michelle brought Cassava Cake .....


Last night, I sent her a text message:

"Michelle, byob. I was not able to buy soda because I came from Farmer's Market."

Then this morning, she replied and said she will bring iced tea from Makati Sports Club. I replied, YES!!!! But then I told Mona, What if she just brings for herself?!?!?!? Hahaha because I said BYOB!

Surprise! Surprise! She brought 2 liters! I used the frozen carafe for the iced tea. One of the best I have tasted.

Last week in Tagaytay, Mon said he will bring steamed soy fish since Corry is in-charge of the crabs. But she has a medical mission today and told us to go ahead with the lunch without her.

This was my text message to Mon:

"See you on Sunday! We have no crabs because Corry has a medical mission. We have Butter Garlic Shrimps, Sizzling Squid, Pork BBQ and dessert. We asked Mayette to cook the Adobong Hito again, special request from everybody. You can still bring the steamed fish if you like."

When he arrived, he was carrying two brown paper bags. I asked, "Did you bring the steamed fish?" Mon said,


I squealed so loudly because even without opening the bag I knew he brought crabs!!!!!

"Mona! Mona! Mona! Hurry! Open it!" Hahahaha Mona's hands were shaking so badly in excitement.

Mon brought Fried Crabs with Eggs!

We opened the other bag which contained Baked Mussels! Really good! It was really "cheesy".

Imagine if we opened the Baked Mussels first? I suppose a look of disappointment will be painted on my face.

As I have mentioned before..... My friends and I enjoy simple uncomplicated food.

It may be simple in nature but I assure you, they all taste so good.... To the point we did not know what to eat first!

Ahhhhhhh...... Now I am so full I could not wait to lie down and take a quick nap before I go to mass later.

I really enjoy the company of my friends. We all share the same passion.... F-O-O-D!!!!!!!



  1. oh wow! im hungry again! did wriggly eat too? hihihi!

    1. Hi Vicky! I think he was able to steal 1 stick of BBQ because we found one under the table.