Monday, January 7, 2013

Still Sick

I am still sick :(...... Severe allergies. Itchy painful eyes, dry irritating cough, clogged airways and alternating sneezing and runny nose.

I thought I was feeling better yesterday because I was able to go to Glorietta and Rockwell but I had a hard time waking up again this morning. I did not take any medication which would make me drowsy, but I am still a bit groggy. Not confident enough to drive yet.

I plan to make soup for tonight. I have pata in my freezer. The plan for that pata was Paksiw with saba banana and dried blossoms but Nilagang Pata sounds a better option.

I was talking to Jing on the phone and told her my symptoms. She said, all I need to do is drink lots of water. True enough, after drinking several glasses of water, I could feel my air passage clearing up! Aside from doctors, the next person to ask about these things are mothers! She has kids who suffer bad allergies also.

I hope to feel better soon. On the positive note, I am losing weight because I have no appetite. The pair of shorts I was wearing yesterday was so loose and almost fell down my ankles!


The Wriggly Chronicles

I am so glad Wriggly is so understanding. He had to sleep outside my room last night because I cannot breathe when he is inside. Today, I opened my bedroom door and he wanted to come in


but I told him that I am sick and if he could just bunk down in his bed which I placed just outside my room. We are 5 feet away from each other ... I told him, "Wriggly.... I can see you and you can see me." I guess that was enough for him.




  1. hope you get better. i too had that kind of allergy. what also helped were virgin coconut oil, lemon water, vicks vaporub together with my anti histamine. mom says so many got sick after the holidays... don't know why. what meds are you taking?

    1. Hi Vicky! I am taking anti biotics, decongestants and Zycast.