Sunday, January 27, 2013

Picnic in Tagaytay

I love picnics! All kinds of picnics!

That is my most favorite activity. I am even imagining when my BF proposes marriage to me, he would do it while we are having a picnic on a grassy river side or lakeside area. Knowing me.... I would probably concentrate more on the food rather than the marriage proposal. I bet I would even swallow the ring which he will put in the food. Hahahaha! But I digress.....

Mayette invited us for a picnic in Tagaytay.

I immediately said yes and rounded up the troops, Jing and Mona.

How can I say NO????? She said, Tita Letty would bring my favorite!

As soon as I heard that her Mom arrived, I went down to greet her! Hehehehe.... And they all knew why I was so excited.

Funny.... Mon went into a mega panic mode when he realized I was in the garden! He thought that I was eating Lechon already! But then, he probably said to himself...... "No Way are they going to start without me! I hold the magic key!"

Hahahaha ha! Does he not know I do not need a cleaver to eat Lechon?

Mayette cooked the Butter Garlic Crab.....

Fresh Lumpiang Ubod.... Jing even helped Mayette with the homemade wrapper.

The Adobong Hito was really delicious! I ate more Hito than Lechon!

Mayette really makes good adobo. I kept on saying..... "Sarap ng Adobong Hito!" But then after a while I shut up because the others might hear and get more! I realized that not all people eat Hito. Well... Yay! More for me!

The childhood cook of Jon prepared the Salmon Belly Sinigang with fresh tamarind pods!

I brought all the ingredients of my salad and assembled it there. I used the Japanese Soy Sesame Dressing.

Mona cooked Pancit Sotanghon!

It was a hit! First thing that got wiped out.

I loved the Pancit Malabon from Tito Vino and Tita Baby. I had a HUGE serving! I am allowed eat rice noodles.

Another bestseller was the Sans Rival of Tita Letty!

I forgot to take a picture of the BIG box of Cheese Pichi Pichi from Jing.

Mark and Cindy brought Pistachio Cake.

The pineapple was so sweet! It was like someone poured syrup on it.

The caretaker got fresh coconut from the tree.

The boys enjoying their buko......

The girls enjoying their buko.....

And.... This is me..... Hahahaha ha! Do I look like I am enjoying my buko?

It was a cool afternoon..... Perfect for a picnic in the garden.

We enjoyed ourselves so much!

Coincidentally, it is the wedding anniversary of Jon and Mayette tomorrow!

Happy anniversary!

Thank you so much again for letting me have an unforgettable experience with you and our friends in Tagaytay!



  1. oh wow lucky you! id love to experience a picnic again.

    1. Hi, Vicky! Yes, my friends and I were so lucky we were invited to a picnic yesterday.