Monday, December 3, 2012

Tuguegarao Longanisa

I bought a pack of Tuguegarao longanisa at the AC Bazaar.  I was able to cook it to perfection!!!

I do not like overcooked, crispy longanisa.  PD also liked it because there was still visible chunks of fat!  It was juicy because I did not pierce the casing retaining all the oil and moisture.  I wish I asked where can I buy the longanisa again.

Success!!!  I could probably write a dissertation on Philippine longanisa.  I have tasted almost all kinds from Luzon and Visayas.  I have not tried the ones from Mindanao yet, but will do so one day.

What was NOT a success was my Sunny side-up fried egg!

It was already the second egg I cooked!  You should have seen the one I fried for PD.   Disaster!  I have yet to master the art of cooking sunny side-up eggs.

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