Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Paying For My Slight Wheat Indiscretion

I am paying for my sins right now! I thought I could get away with a slight wheat indiscretion but apparently not.  Why do I always think I can?

As of this writing, I am suffering from a very painful stomach bloating, contraction and cramping. I had a minimal amount of wheat in my food yesterday and today. That is the side-effect of ingesting wheat for people who have been wheat-free in a long while, 6 months.

Delicious Bar Chow in Rockwell

After watching the boxing match at the park, Sam treated Michelle and I to a late lunch at Draft, Rockwell.

Thank you, Sammy! .....Again.

When Mimi comes back from El Nido, will invite you guys for lunch or dinner!

We ordered the 1 lb. Bucket Sweet Chili Wings

Fish and Frites

And Croquettes.

And then today, PD and I had a snack at Barcino, Rockwell.

We had the chorizo....

I really liked it but I would have enjoyed more if I ate it with garlic rice! Haha!

But they only gave complimentary toasted bread.  I did not touch it.

We also ate the Potato Bomb with 2 kinds of Cheese dips.

It is a jumbo croquette with a spicy meat filling and coated in flour and breadcrumbs. (Ooooopppsss I should not have eaten it.....knocks my head on the desk.)

Pd had Sangria....

And Chocolate con Churros.

The chocolate was really thick.

Good thing I used the few brain cells remaining in my head and did not eat the fried Churros.

Must have been good because PD ate all of it.

Now..... Back to my whining ..... I hope I feel better soon.

Again, it was my fault for not thinking about the wheat-free lifestyle. I deserve to be in pain and misery because I could not stop myself from indulging in good food.

Well.... Food WAS good! What can I do?

Haha! I think, now is the time my evil twin is trying to break free so she could say: I told you so!!!!


  1. oh no! i hope you get better. i always believed everything in moderation... even wheat. honestly i don't believe in eliminating wheat bec you'll need it for energy. try using hot compress for your stomach... it helps.

    1. Hi Vicky! Thank you, I'm feeling better today. I really have to go wheat free, I feel it is the only thing helping me control my sugar and allows me still to eat my favorite food.