Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Talented and Creative PD!!!

PD is so creative and talented! I wish I have even just an ounce of her gift!!!

It is only she who can envision what she would do to certain raw materials in the stores and turn it into something beautiful.

She recently had a 7 year-old guest named, Beanie.  The little girl was so delighted with her house and with PD, of course.  After her visit, she sent text messages to my Aunt.

"To Portia:  Finally, an adult who understands me!  When I grow up, I wanna be just like her!"

"To Portia from Beanie:  Ms. Portia should call her place the perfectly 'pinktastic' preparatory school."

What little girl and young at heart would not fall in love with PD's house??????

PD also makes one of a kind (hand-made) accessories!  She has a lot more, I just took a picture of a few pieces.

One of her heartaches is that she does not have anybody to whom she can pass on her talent and knowledge.  She has been teaching me for years, I just do not have the inclination nor the passion.  Her beading students learned so much from her!!!

She has been holding an "open-house" every Saturday for the past few weeks.  This weekend will be her last.

I do appreciate the beauty of everything she does!  She is the most creative and talented person I know!


You may call or send me a message at 0917-831-9390 for inquiries regarding her accessories and beading classes.

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