Sunday, December 9, 2012

Looooong Saturday

It is almost midnight and I am just starting to write my post.  I have been so busy as a bee and my day started so early!!!  Hahahaha! Meaning at 8:00 a.m.

I went to Salcedo Market to buy cashews for the Sans Rival I am going to make for my Ate and Brother-in-law.  It will be their birthday soon and they said it is what they like.

I was able to buy baby pusit!

I made Adobong Pusit for breakfast, it was not so inky but the squid was tender.

I also bought native sweet corn from Batangas.

I do not like the genetically altered Japanese corn.  The native corn is more tender and much sweeter.

I saw small live hito.  I just bought 2 pieces, PD and I like Adobong Hito.  I will eat mine for breakfast tomorrow with garlic rice.  YUM!!!

I just prepared a simple lunch for my family because Hermie had to line up for the free eyeglasses sponsored by Barangay Bel-Air.

The easiest thing to cook was Turbo Chicken!

I marinated the chicken last night and just popped the birds in the turbo broiler.  No Sweat!

Turbo Chicken is always eaten with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy.

The kids, especially Sophie, would always request for Mashed Potatoes.

Molo soup was also very easy to prepare.

I already cooked the soup base last night and Hermie filled the molo wrapper.  I just dropped the frozen dumplings in simmering soup before lunch.

My Kuya brought Costa Brava's Caramel Cake.

Ate asked me to get her order from the little store on Jupiter St....

Cheesecake by Gregory Guy

We got the Classic Cheesecake ..... lemony in taste

and ... Coffee Cheesecake.

Pd and I had Dinner at Manna Korean Garden ... again.

Our favorite is the Leeks and Seafood Pancake!!!

She got the barbecued Beef Belly.

I ordered the Korean Beef Stew.

Michele texted me and asked what PD and I were up to.  PD asked me to text her back and say ... Join us for dinner.  We ordered a lot of food.

Good thing Sam and Michelle followed us there because the servings were big!

My dessert was the green grape ice pop.

When we asked for our bill, we did not know sneaky Sam already paid for it!!!!  Hahahaha!

Thank you Sammy!

PD said we will just treat them for dessert in Rockwell.  We went to Kulinarya.

I had the Apple-lychee shake.

They all shared the different desserts we ordered.

Buco Pandan Panna Cotta

Banana and Langka Royale

Mango Suman Latik

Again, when we asked for the bill... Sam's sneaky cousin, Michelle, paid for our dessert!!!

A double whammy!!! Thanks so much Michelle!!!

Whew! How can one lose weight if we constantly eat like this?????  You really need a lot of will power and discipline ... which I do not have!!!!

My friends would often say whenever I whine that my FBS is high or I gained weight.... "I am not surprised!"

My goal, dream and hope is that one day .... I will surprise everybody and say that my sugar is normal already and that I lost a lot of weight!!!!

I still believe it will happen! Even if it takes me forever.

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