Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Instant Get-Together

It is easier to gather the whole gang on the spur of the moment notice rather than planning it way ahead of time.

I was supposed to cook Kare-kare but last night, I watched a cooking show and Chef Gene Gonzales showed the viewers how to make Calderetang Kambing.

I do not like goat's meat so I just used several pieces of  beef shank. I also adjusted it according to my own taste.

My friends loved my Cheesy Beef Caldereta!

I also cooked inky black Adobong Pusit.

Mona bought Roast Chicken from Rustan's Rockwell.

Joy gave me baby apples from HK!

I did not want to give everybody, I just told them to divide 2 baby apples into 8. Hehehe.... I am known for not sharing my goodies.

Corry brought very sweet grapes.

We also had orange popsicles. I do not know who to thank for, Jing or Mona?

We missed our friends who were not with us. Celine is in the US and Mariger was working. She has a JOB (gaspsssss)! Hehe!

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