Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Midnight Snack

I do not prepare the traditional "Noche Buena" every Christmas Eve, but PD and I always have a "Midnight Snack".

We invited Sam, Michelle and Sophie to join us.

Instead of the usual Ham .....  I made my Chicken Relleno.

PD makes THE best Potato Salad!

I super... super.... super.... loved it!!!!  Hahahaha  Maybe because I do not know how to make potato salad?  No... really ... it was very good.

Ensaymada for each one them .... I cannot eat bread.

PD also made Fruit Salad but I was not able to take the picture.

My hot chocolate... I used Bittersweet Chocolate.

A student sent PD a delicious native "kakanin".

We also tried the Marinated Mushrooms....

and.... Olives with Lemon from another student of PD.

That was a light snack!!!

My family celebrates Christmas on the 25th.... so as of this writing.... I am waiting for them!!!  My guest of honor has arrived!!!!  Hahaha .... will post the continuation later!!!