Monday, December 3, 2012

Cebu Lechon Padala

Cebu Lechon in Bel-Air!!!!

Yes!  Tita Malyne Lorayes recommended Cebu Lechon Padala to me.  She said, they deliver per kilo.  I called up Charles and ordered 1 kilo.  I told him I like the rib part.

I also asked friends who wanted to order Lechon flown in fresh from Cebu!  I had 2 takers, Mona/Corry and Mitch, the friend of Corry who is also a Pediatrician at Makati Medical.

I was so excited about the Lechon to the point I had a nightmare about it!  In my dream,  Mona ate from my order of Lechon!!!  I did not want to share that was why I asked friends if they wanted to order.  What upset me the most was, she had her own but still got from mine!

Well ..... unfortunately ..... my nightmare turned into reality!!!  Hahahaha!  Mona texted me that she will not be able to go home tonight and will have to sleep in my house.  I still do not understand why she did not get from her Lechon.  Probably to piss me off!

BUT...... I shared mine with her!  I told her to get more but she said, she was afraid because I was giving her dirty looks while getting from my Lechon.  I also shared it with Hermie and left some for my Kuya.  I did not give PD because she only likes the Lechon with liver sauce from Manila.

I really only eat the skin and the ribs.  I like white meat and not dark.  That is why I always have to order 1 kilo of Lechon for myself so that I can choose the parts I like.

I enjoyed my Lechon! Super worth it.  I do not have to go to Cebu anymore whenever I have a craving.  It can rival already CNT, which is my favorite Cebu Lechon.

Charles said he can deliver for free if the address is in Makati or Central Business District.  A kilo cost 650 pesos only while a whole Lechon ranges from 4,500 to 8,000.  You can also order Cebu delicacies from him.

Thank you, Tita Malyne, for letting me know about Cebu Lechon Padala!

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