Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tired and Sore... a good kind of pain.

I feel sore .... and tired .... tired from doing the things I love to do.

I woke up late and went to Bel-Air Market.  Of course, it was almost empty when I got there at 10:30 a.m. but I was so glad I was able to buy "pusit"!

Ever since my friend, Gina, from SFO asked me how to make Adobong Pusit,

I have been dreaming about it.  I could not find the time to go to Farmer's Market because I was so busy!  Hahahaha! Do not ask me what I have been doing because I cannot remember.

I wanted to get the baby squid , it is more tender but beggars cannot be choosers.

I was so amazed the vegetables in the wet market were not as expensive as the ones in the supermarkets! I could not believe I only paid 25 pesos for all my pinakbet veggies!

Earlier in the week, I told Hermie to buy 5 pesos worth of okra or sitaw in Guadalupe and she said, you cannot buy anything for 5 bucks anymore.  But it is not true!  I have to learn to buy in the wet market to economize.

I made Cheese Pimiento and Chicken Sandwich filling for PD's open house tomorrow.

I also cooked Beef Mechado but I will add the vegetables tomorrow night.

I hope my experiment turns out ok.  I placed the chicken parts in a brine solution for an hour or two, drained and marinated the chicken in my BBQ marinade.  That's for tomorrow's lunch.  Ohhhh and I also boiled the beef for the Nilaga.

Sooooo tired!  But happy just the same.

I bought my favorite Chocolate today, Frey's Chocobloc Orange.

I really, really love it!!!!  Imagine an orange-flavored Toblerone!

Super YUMMMMM .... says the crazy woman whose FBS was 149 this morning!

I have to stop eating chocolates!!!!!!  BAD! BAD! BAD!

For all of you out there who is a fan of my baby, I am going to add a new segment in my blogpost.  I will call it, The Wriggly Chronicles.  Every once in a while ... if I have a story about W, will share it in this segment. 

The Wriggly Chronicles.....

I woke up from a very bad dream this morning.  I was on vacation in a very nice resort with Wriggly and our white little kitten.  We were in the lobby, walking.... when suddenly... there was a stampede!!!!  A sudden surge of people! I do not know where they came from!  I was able to save the white kitten but not Wriggly! I could not find him!  I immediately went to the front desk and begged their assistance, I told them that Wriggly is missing and they have to help me, he is my child and is 14 years old.  The security looked around the resort but could not find my baby.

What a nightmare!!!!!

Thank the good Lord it was just a dream.  My baby is still with me .... still being naughty.... trying to steal the chocolate bar in my bag but I hid it well.  He really has a bad habit of jumping on top of the dining table.

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