Saturday, November 17, 2012

Manna Korean Garden


I have been sick as a puppy for a couple of days, but tonight, I was able to go out!  PD invited me to dinner. I told her, if I am well enough to hear mass then we can go.  Sure enough, I was able to attend the anticipated mass at Ateneo.

I felt bad because earlier, Mayette was inviting me to a Lechon and Alimango party but I could not go!!! Not because I could not eat but because it was too far for me! :((

PD and I had dinner at Manna Korean Garden on Carmen, St. near Kalayaan and P. Burgos, Makati.

We ordered the Imported Beef Bulgogi.  The waiter cooked it on the table.

We also got the grilled chicken....

and... our favorite Seafood Pancake.

Let us not forget the appetizers they give to all their customers!!!!

We had Korean ice cream for dessert.  I let PD try the Fish with Vanilla Ice Cream and Red beans while I had the Honeydew Melon ice cream bar.

I am feeling so much better now.  I hope well enough for me to be able to go to Landmark Supermarket tomorrow!

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