Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Lost the Battle

I started the No/Low carb diet last November 1 and I lost the battle. It was disheartening because instead of losing weight, I even gained 2 lbs.!!!!! And... my sugar shot up to 158! I was better off with just the wheat-free diet.

So, as of today..... I concede and throw the towel into the ring.

It was my fault. I set myself up to fail. I cooked a very delicious Bicol Express today! I told you, it depends on my food choices whether I will succeed or not.

I was not happy with the Bicol Express I cooked last week but today, I was ecstatic! It was so spicy! I had to drink water for every spoonful. I had to eat rice!!!!!

So...... The reason why I lost the battle....

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