Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kiel and Joy!

There was an impromptu pre-birthday celebration tonight.  Joy just got home from Davao this morning and decided to have a small gathering with friends and family.  It was also the birthday of Kiel, her son, last November 16.

I got a very nice text message this morning from Mayette!  She said there was going to be lechon!  I already felt bad I was not able to attend the 7th birthday party of Lance, her other nephew, yesterday.  There was also Lechon and crabs.

I was not feeling well this morning so I drank liters and liters of water to flush out the salt from my body which is one of the causes of vertigo.    I could not drive yet so I took a cab all the way to Pasig!!!  I did not want to miss the dinner this time around.

Ohhhh I was not disappointed! The little pig was so plump and crunchy!!!!

I got about a quarter-of-a-sheet size of lechon skin and ate the ribs to my heart's delight.  I did not eat the meat, just my favorite parts.

Mayette cooked this very delicious spareribs and then she grilled it!

I did not eat much of the lechon because I also concentrated on her ribs.

Tita Letty made Lasagna.

Noy, their cook, taught me how to make shells with Tausi.

There was also grilled boneless bangus....

grilled oysters....

Ohhhh and I have to try this at home ... Mayette's Lechon Manok with fresh tamarind and tamarind leaves!

The meat was so juicy and tender!!!

There was Chicharon Bituka from the lechon company.

For those who wanted healthy food ... there was green leafy salad.

Of course, that was not a resident of my plate.

Most of the X-factor kids were there .... good friends of Kiel and Bees.

Belated Happy Birthday, Kiel!!!  Happy Birthday, Joy!

Thank you, Joy, for always inviting me every time you have Lechon!!!

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