Monday, November 5, 2012

Dimsum Break is now in Manila!!!

One of the reasons why I always go to Cebu is to eat the Bacon Wrapped Sio Mai at Harbour City.  Dimsum Break is also owned by the same company, it is their "fastfood" outlet.  So, when my Ate told me they recently opened a branch in Manila, I had to check online for the location.

Dimsum Break is in SM North Annex! 

Mona and I trekked all the way to Q.C.

I ordered all kinds of siomai and more ....

Bacon Wrapped Sio Mai

Shrimp Sio Mai

Quail Egg Sio Mai

Sweet and Sour Pork

Mona treated me to a basket of Chicken Feet


we shared a serving of Deep Fried Taro Puff which they just cooked upon order.

Other dim sums were already on food shelves

or ... steaming in their baskets.

I am glad I do not have to go all the way to Cebu to eat the Bacon Wrapped Sio Mai.

Another specialty they have is the Steamed Fried Rice but since I am on a NO/LOW Carb diet, I could not eat it.

We crossed to Trinoma and checked out what they have in Landmark Supermarket.


  This is the kind of chicharon that I LOVE!!!! 

Airy chicharon!

I do not like any other kind.

Mayette told me that is Chicharon made from Carabao skin.  I could have finished the whole pack!!!!  BUTTTTT.... I had to share with PD and Mona.  Hahahahaha!  I could smell the resentment a mile away!!!!  Will just have to hide next time.

I also have a new favorite chocolate.  I used to love Toblerone but now I discovered the brand, FREY.  It is made in Switzerland but half the cost of Toblerone. 

I know I am NOT allowed to eat chocolates but if I am going to cheat .... I would cheat with Frey.  I have yet to try the Dark Chocolate Orange flavor.

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