Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tita Josie's Beef Mechado

I love the Mechado of Tita Josie.  She taught me how to make it several years ago but my attempts never tasted like hers!!!  I always eat a plateful of rice whenever I eat her Beef Mechado.  She cooks really well because she is from Pampanga.

She invited a few people from our Bel-Air church group to her apartment in Manansala, Rockwell.  Mona was a "saling pusa" because she is not from our Parish but Tita Josie invited her as well.

We had a simple get together but I really, really loved her cooking!!!

Beef Mechado.  I think I had about 3-4 servings.

Potato Salad

I could not stop eating her Potato Salad!  It is something I could not make.  Mine always turn out watery because I put a lot of sugar.

Best eaten with  Steamed Prawns

The Smoked Boneless Bangus was good also.

Our dessert was Fruit Salad with Lychees. 


Thank you, Tita Josie for cooking my favorite Beef Mechado!

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