Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Dentist

FBS: 74

I remember a movie of Dustin Hoffman, I think it was called, The Dentist.  To torture the answer from Dustin, the interrogator drilled all his teeth without anesthesia.

I went to my dentist yesterday because I had a toothache.  I felt it since I came back from Puerto Princesa from eating too much Bandi.  It turned out I had 2 small cavities on my molars, side by side.  The dentist is used to me by now.  She knows I do not need nor want anesthesia while my tooth was being drilled. I wanted to know my threshold for pain.

So... there I was... feeling like Dustin Hoffman.  I was able to take the pain.  Sure it hurt but I would have asked for anesthesia if I really could not stand it anymore.  So, if I tell you something feels painful... then it means, it  REALLY is.  

I will not eat Bandi anymore.  For years, I have always passed with passing colors and the dentist would declare: No cavities.

I also had my teeth "cleaned".  Prophylaxis????

Hahahaha Maybe you are wondering where this is all leading .....

Since I just had my teeth cleaned ..... I did not want to eat and eat, that was why my FBS this morning was only 74!  I was hungry late last night, I was tempted to have food delivered but opened a can of tuna instead.  It hit the spot although I did not enjoy my food.  The tuna flakes stuck to my throat.  I had to drink water for every forkful but it eased the hunger pangs I felt.

I have been quite busy lately since I posted my Lia's Food List.  I am not complaining, I am very happy that people started ordering from me.  I just do not have as much time on my hands as I used to.  But business is starting really good.

Hope more orders come my way! I do miss posting in my blog everyday.  Just letting you guys know.... so far so good, especially Health/Sugar wise.


  1. im sure more orders will come. be ready this coming holidays. you will be very busy. :)