Friday, October 26, 2012

Sakura, Glorietta

I met with my friends today in Glorietta and had lunch at Sakura.

Mariger was with her kids, Raile and Marielle, my inaanak.  Jing did not bring her kids with her even though James wanted to come along.

I ordered the Chicken with Tofu.

It was really very good.  Mariger had to order another one because Raile liked it.

Jing got the Seafood Teppan Bento Box.

The kids had 1 order each of Tonkatsu and rice.

And California Maki for the growing boy.

Mariger had the Beef Sukiyaki and shared it with me.

It is quite pleasant nowadays to go out with the teen-aged kids because they are not as demanding as they used to be when they were little children.

Hahahaha! How funny ..... the adults were shopping at different stores and the kids would just tag along.... almost no complaints at all .... then when it was their time to look at cool/hip shoes, we said: Come on, it's time to go!  Hahahahaha!  I love being an adult!

I hope we could spend more time with each other but Mariger is so busy with work.  Good thing, it is a holiday today.  Jing and I manage to see each other often when her kids are in school and we both have errands in the mall.

Ohhhh Look!!! I love the mirror of the store! I look so slim and flat-chested here!!! 

It was so nice spending time with all of you!!!  Let's do this again!

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