Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Man to Man Guarding


Man to Man Guarding. 

Do you know what Wriggly did last night????  I was watching The Voice and brought my plate inside my room to eat dinner.  He was barking and barking, so demanding, asking me for food.  But I did not give him.  He is not allowed people food.

Then...... I had the great opportunity, he went out of my room to drink water. I immediately closed my door.  Ha!! Score One for Lia!

When I brought my plate out, what did I see????  Wriggly stealing food on the dining table!!!!  (Picture on file. He has been doing this for years!)


He ate the Ginataang Langka I was saving for Mona!!! GRRRRRRR Wriggly!!!

So, today....  I adapted a man to man guarding stance.  It was such a lovely rainy weather for cooking and I spent the whole afternoon in the kitchen. I figured, will just store the food in the fridge for the days I am lazy to do anything.

I experimented with Kansi. 

It is a Visayan soup that is a cross between Nilaga and Sinigang. We always eat the one from Island Chicken Inasal in Boracay.

I used the Batuan, a souring agent, I bought from the Negros Fair last week.

Mona and I will eat it for dinner tomorrow. 

My favorite vegetable dish is Kilawin Puso ng Saging.

I plan to eat this for lunch with fish tomorrow.

I let Mona try my version of (Mee) Krob.

The trick with wriggly is you have to push away the chairs away from the table.  And I mean waaaayyyyyy away!  It was my fault that I left a chair last night about 2 feet from the dining table.  He is a great "leaper" and will not stop until he gets what he wants.

HA!!!!  But I did not give him the opportunity tonight.  Hehehehe BLEH! Wriggly!!!!


  1. Buhuhu poor Wriggly, I didnt know youre such a talented countersurfer! Happy

    1. @ Happy .... hahahaha my Wriggly is really so funny and a dog of many talents.

  2. You forgot to mention- and a resilient tummy too, that is, if he does not get cannon ball butt from all human food he has "stolen". Im really happy when you mention Wriggly in your posts, I hope one day you will write a post exclusively about Wriggly- Happy

    1. Hi, Happy! I was so scared Wriggly would get sick, the last time he ate people food he really got a bad case of diarrhea, was so afraid it was the end of the line for my baby. I'm doing a "Wriggly Special" post on his birthday, Oct. 18!

  3. Wow, cant wait! I already added Wriggly's bday in my calendar hehe

    1. Hi, Happy! Thank you so much! How is your Cohen Diet coming along?

  4. hahaha! wriggly's funny and naughty! even he enjoys your cooking. :D

    1. @Vicky
      Yes, he loves my cooking too! The little thief! But he is not allowed people food.