Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Wriggly!

Happy Birthday, Wrigglyboy!!!!

My baby boy was born 14 years ago on October 18, 1998.

His parents were Twinkie (white dog) and Foster (Black Poodle with a red collar).

The "other" poodle was Foster's partner.  Celina said, Wriggly's parents' relationship status was "complicated".

Wriggly is the runt of a litter of 6.   We called him "Wriggly" because he wriggled a lot.  He is my "child" but I told him to call me "Ate".  Hahahaha  I am in denial!!!

When he was a puppy, he attended obedience school but he got kicked out, his teacher never came back.  I am proud of the fact that he is "educated".

He gives me so much joy!  Well .... most of the time when he is not being naughty.... and even when he IS being naughty... I still love him just the same.  My family thinks he has an attitude problem but I never thought of it that way.

He has a lot of "caught in the act" moments.....

Wriggly enjoys playing with his toys and friends.....

Sometimes, Wriggly can be a little "bobo".... He dragged his big doggie pal from Tita Marianne in his bed, but there was no more space left for him...  so, he slept on the floor.

Wriggly thinks he is a real person.  He would jump up on the chair and wait for dinner like a real little boy.

On the few occasions that he went out for an activity, we dressed him up in a Sesame Street shirt.

One time, he attended a dog show at the Bel-Air park and won a goody bag!

I do not know why they had chocolates and other non doggy stuff in the loot bag.

When my mom was in the ICU of Makati Medical several years ago, the pictures of her grandchildren were taped on the window.  Not to be outdone, I also taped my baby's picture on the window.

I always showed my Mom his picture and told her that Wriggly was messing around with her stack of biscuits and that would always get a reaction from her.  She would raise her eyebrow as if to say, "How dare he?!?!?"

It is very easy to take his picture when he is sleeping......

There was a time we could not afford a haircut, so I decided to cut his hair.

Let's just say I do not think he will allow me to do it ever again.

We always celebrate his birthday with a party.  Last year, Ninang Celina even bought him a Costa Brava cake!


Several years back, my other Ate from Canada sent him doggy treats!

Wriggly got a special present from Happy!  She is one of the readers of my blog.  She sent me a message the other day if she could send Wriggly a birthday gift.  I answered, Of course!

So...... look what Wriggly got!!!!

Hahahahahaha... When I got home, Hermie said, someone gave Wriggly a bath tub! Hahahahahaha

I told Hermie it is a new bed!!!!

Wriggly was so excited.... his tail was wagging while he was checking out his loot.

Happy! The bed was exactly Wriggly's size!

How did you know he would fit in it???

Super dooper thanks from Wriggly!

I said a short prayer for my little boy:

Dear God,

Thank you for giving Wriggly to me.  Please, always keep him healthy and safe.  He means the world to me and I do not know what I would do if I lose him soon.  Dear God, I'm not yet ready.  I still want him to be with me ... please, give me more time.


He is an old man now .... sometimes he cannot see where he is going. Mayette who is an Ophtalmologist said, he has cataract on both eyes.... his hair is gray already .... but he will always be my darling baby boy.

I am so blessed that Wriggly is still active at his ripe old age of 14 or 98 years old in human-age.  I know, I only have little time with him so I am making the most of it.  I never fail to tell him, "Wriggly! Ate loves you very, very much!"


  1. Aaaaw, Lia thanks for the Wriggly overload! I waited for this day when you promised to write an exclusive post about Wriggly and you did not disappoint :) Wriggly is so lucky to have an "Ate" like you, and to be blessed with a long and good life. His body certainly was able to tolerate all his exploits in the kitchen and his misdeeds. My birthday wish for him is to be given more years in this world, and not to get sick, but instead age gracefully...Im glad that he likes my gifts :) Thanks Lia for sharing Wriggly's story with us. -Happy

    1. Hi, Happy! Thank you for the birthday wishes. Wriggly liked the moist dog treat.

  2. What a heart warming blog entry! I can't help but laugh out loud seeing him with that haircut.

    Happy Birthday Wriggly!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY W!!! i love you even though you eat the food your ate prepares for me, throw my stuffs and rush to my bed ahead of me.

  4. happy birthday wriggly! hope to meet you soon. tc and gbu.