Sunday, October 21, 2012

Emergency Cheetos Run

I was already in bed wearing my nightgown, getting ready to retire for the night. When suddenly, I had this insatiable craving for.........

Jalapeno Cheetos!

I changed into a dress rushed to Rustan's Rockwell and got one pack. You should have seen my triumphant smile when I hugged the Cheetos all the way to the cashier.

I know it is wheat free because the main ingredient is corn but it is still laden with artificial flavorings and contains a lot of vegetable oil.

I did not finish the whole pack.

I do not know what came over me but now I can sleep in peace and kept the leftover Jalapeno Cheetos in my secret hiding place.

Still smiling :)


  1. Oh Lia, im just like that! I would give in to my cravings even in the most inopportune and inconvenient time. -Happy