Sunday, October 14, 2012

Crab Party

My friends and I had a crab party today.

I sent them a message a few weeks ago and gave them the crab party mechanics:

1.  Each attendee should bring half a kilo of crabs: male, female, bakla or claws.
2.  Jing said to bring your own claw cracker.  NO sharing allowed.
3.  Jing also said to bring your own bib or apron.
4.  You can bring cooked or uncooked crabs and we can cook it in the house.

Suggested sauces: Lemon butter, Chili, Aligue, Ginataan, Olive oil with garlic and vinegar, Szechuan, etc.

Jing and I went to Farmer's Market this morning to buy our crabs and for the others.  We bought 3 kilos for 6 people and steamed it when we got home.

Jing made Chili Garlic Sauce.

I made Butter Sauce for dipping.

Mona made the Olive oil with garlic and vinegar dipping sauce

and.... burong manga.

Corry also brought Pork Barbecue.

Mon brought 2 BIG crabs!

We told him he can get from ours because we wanted to try his Fried Spicy Crabs.

He also brought delicious Ubod Atchara.

Since it was Hermie's day off, I told her to just buy banana leaves to put on top of the dining table so we do not have to wash plates anymore. 

She also brought out paper plates and plastic forks and spoons.

Then she left a love letter for Mona:

Mona said we should wash the leaves with soap and water.  I do not know how Hermie cleaned them.  BUT.... she "promised" the leaves were clean!

My crab

and Kitchen scissors for crabs.

The crew was not complete.  Mayette and Jon were not able to join us for lunch.  The reason why we had this crab party was because it was our subtle way of telling Mayette that we want to eat her Adobong Alimango!!!  I want to learn how to cook it and will ask, Tita Letty, her mom, to teach me.

Everybody was so happy with our lunch. 

Hahahahaha! We are always happy whenever we have a get-together.

Last man and woman "eating". 


  1. enjoyed our lunch. thanks to mon for sharing his crabs. they were delicious... forgot all about my diet.

  2. so happy today. tnx li! still craving for the adobong alimango of tita letty though... till next crab party.... mayette!!!

  3. Before i bring adobong alimango, we should have our cholesterol check first. Deadly! Mona, take lipitor. I can also make cereal prawns, bagay sa adobo.

  4. Yay! Schedule tayo ulit! Kami lang pwede si mona steamed lang hehehe. Nabitin nga ako i want to eat again!