Monday, October 29, 2012

Busy Sunday

I had a busy Sunday yesterday.  I met a reader of my blog, Dr. Debbie Bautista.  She ordered fried and frozen lumpiang ubod from me.  I hope she enjoyed it.

I went to Manila Memorial Cemetery yesterday with Hermie to clean our area and brought flowers for my Mom, Dad and Grandparents.  I figured, we would go early so there would not be a lot of people.  I suppose everybody had the same idea.

Jing also went with us to visit her Dad and sister. Their place is very near ours.

Last year we brought delicious Chicago Company Popcorn for snacks.... but yesterday .....

Hahahahaha! Pity! We only had 1 small Clover Chips and Dried Mangoes.

I still have not found what I am looking for .....

I tried the Nueva Ecija longanisa from SM......

and the Muscovado longanisa from Tenderbites, Cash and Carry.

Maybe I just do not know how to cook it?  It turned out so dry.  I like the ones I see at the roadside eateries where they are glistening in fat!  I bet they are so moist.

Michelle sent over suman with honey kind of sauce!

The suman was Pinipig with Buko.

Oh.... look at the  Cheetos I bought!

I guess it is unbelievable that I could eat longanisa almost everyday.  I have been looking for the one I really like for weeks!  Hopefully, one of these days, I will find it and will cook it to perfection.  Wish me luck!!!


  1. im sorry to hear about your parents and grandparents. :( we also went to manila memorial yesterday to visit my lolo, cousin and tito. mom thought of going yesterday morning to avoid the crowds but there were a lot of people already. fyi... be careful of hustlers. i noticed yesterday and last year, one of those con artists approached us.

    1. Hi, Vicky!, Isn't it nice that we could go to the cemetery now before Novemeber 1? At least, it was not as crowded but still there were quite a number of people visiting their departed loved ones.

  2. Yes, my family enjoyed the lumpia so much! Planning of including them in our Christmas menu.

  3. Wow! That's great, Debbie. Thanks!