Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nonoy's Wedding

Hermie : Lia

Nonoy : Mayette and her family

Nonoy or Yaya Noy to her "alaga" Kiel got married last night!


She has been taking care of Kiel since he was a little boy and look how he has grown up now! 


She is also a very good cook.  Mayette learned her Adobo from Noy.  And I learned the Adobo from Mayette.

What makes a "yaya" good is having an equally good and generous (at heart) employer.  Noy even went with the family to Hong Kong once and we were so amazed at her outfits!  Sooo super hip for HK in the winter!  She even wore a trendy trenchcoat!

The family knows how to appreciate a gem they have in their midst. Joy, the Mom of Kiel, and employer of Nonoy sponsored the wedding at Metroclub last night.

Lance and Nalo, Mayette's nephews

The siblings of Mayette, Joy and Nolan, with the Bride

Mayette's Family and Friends with the Bride.
Nonoy and Russel with Ninangs, Ninong and the Pastor
Beautiful Ninang Mayette

 Mona and I were invited.  I chose to wear my favorite pink Mexican Party outfit.

A very funny moment .... the photographer announced that all those wearing pink, meaning the entourage, should come in front for the picture taking.   PINK?!?!?!  I was wearing pink!  Hahahaha I joined the bridal entourage for the picture taking!!!!!

The dinner was simple but delicious!!!!

Buttered Vegetables

Pancit Miki Bihon

Steamed Fish Fillet

And my two favorites of the night ....

Baked Spanish Chicken


I went back for second servings!!!!  It is not usual for me to do so.

I have to research how to make the Baked chicken.  It was so moist and tender and yet well done.  I still have to identify the needle like herb they used.  Feel free to message me if you know what it is.

Wedding Cake

Cupcake Giveaways

It was time to throw the bouquet and I had to elbow the other 2 single women, Mona and Luan, so I could "GRAB" it!

Hahahahaha .... as you can see ....  Evil triumphed over good!!!!

I did not miss to have some photo ops.....

I am normally embarrassed to have my picture taken with celebrities .... but Mayette said: Go!!!

With one of the Ninongs, Martin Nievera, who is a frequent guest at their house and loves the Adobo of Nonoy.
The remaining contestants of X-Factor were there: Kedebon, KZ, Gabriel and Allen ....  I had a picture taken with Kedebon and KZ.

They were such nice kids and very talented! I will start watching X-Factor from now on .... I hope you guys also vote for them!

Congratulations Russel and Nonoy!!!!

I am wishing you the best of luck and a bright future for you and for the family you plan to have!

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