Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm losing my "Mojo"!

FBS: 177

The day did not start right! My FBS is 177!!! I do not understand why I was so hungry yesterday!!!  I think I had more than 3 cups of white rice!


1/2 C. Rice
1 Fried Egg


Grilled Chicken
1/2 C. rice plus another 1/2 cup of rice = 1 Cup!!!!

1 hour after lunch:

2 Jumbo Siomai from Masuki
1/2 C. rice

2 servings of rice!!!!
Fish Fillet
Spanish chicken

I ate so much yesterday. :((

Jing said, she thought being wheat free will remove my craving?!?!?!  But I had soy sauce dip with the grilled chicken and siomai which stimulated my appetite!!!!

And there is something else I cannot understand that is happening to me.

This is the 2nd day that I burned something I am cooking!  Yesterday was the chicken, today was the Pork Adobo!  I totally forgot that I was cooking and I just heard something sizzling in the kitchen.  The bottom of the pot was dark brown!!!!  Good thing I was still able to rescue the adobo before it was too late.  I just cleaned the pot and boiled the meat again.

Another "eng eng" moment - why did I not use the pressure cooker for the meat I am tenderizing for the Pochero?!?!?!?

And another "eng eng" moment ... Jing wanted a link to a particular website.  She has been texting me that she has not received it yet! But I told her I already sent it!  After lunch, I just saw in my computer that I only attached the link but I did not send it!!!!

What is happening to me? Why am I so distracted?!?!? I am losing my mojo!!!!!

Hehehehehe.... do you think it is because I was doing some things online and my mind completely wandered off????

I have never burned food in my entire life except yesterday and today!!!!

The "rescued" Pork Adobo tasted so bad!  A little bit bitter.

 Good thing Hermie cooked vegetables for me.

I think I know what is distracting me.  I am about to go to Puerto Princesa and stressed about the snorkeling part of the trip.  I hate sea creatures brushing against me plus I do not know yet how to snorkel.  Last time I tried was in my Ate's pool.  I had to remove the mask immediately because I suddenly became claustrophobic.  I know I have to conquer my fears to be able to enjoy the marine life in Palawan.

I plan to hear mass tonight so I can get my "mojo" back.

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