Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ying Ying Teahouse

FBS: 188

Dra. Tricia said not to panic.  188 is not a trend and just a one time occurrence. Tricia said, I can inject 36 units of insulin tonight. That is the problem with being hypoglycemic.  Since the sugar is too low, the tendency is to eat and eat to raise it higher.  I admit, I really ate a lot yesterday.  I should have stopped eating after early dinner and should have foregone the tacos, nachos and avocado ice cream. Oh, well ... another lesson learned.

I went to Bambang today to buy my glucose strips.  I could have easily asked Hermie to do that but I had an ulterior motive.  I went to Ying Ying Teahouse on Dasmarinas St. afterwards.  I wanted to order the suckling pig but they only had lechon Macau so ..... instead .... I ordered:  (Bad Blackberry photos)

Taro Puff


Shrimp Sio Mai

Steamed Chicken Feet

It was just alright.  I still prefer Wai Ying if we are talking about dim sum in the China town area.

Food Diary:


Daing na Bangus
1 egg, fried (I'm getting better and better in cooking eggs!!!)
1/2 C. garlic rice


Taro Puff
Sio Mai
Steamed Chicken Feet


1/2 C. white rice
Chicken Tinola
lumpiang ubod

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