Saturday, August 18, 2012

Preparing for my Mexican Fiesta

FBS: 54

I already decreased my insulin to 43 last night and yet I am still in the low 50's!  To think, I ate party food yesterday!

I was so busy preparing for my Mexican Fiesta tomorrow with my friends.  I have been planning this for months, as early as June!  I am already bored with the usual party fare so I thought of something my friends would like and at the same time would excite me and make my heart beat a little faster.

I researched what kind of food and drinks I would serve.  After that was the music, it took me weeks to listen to some party Mexican music and downloaded them.  I am good for an hour and a half.

Last was the decoration.  I made Mexican paper flowers.

They are so easy to make!!!  I just googled the instructions. Tita Portia made me JUMBO paper flowers!

Tita Tess suggested I write about the before, during and after.

I asked Jing to help me with the decoration today. We listened to Mexican music to put us in the mood.

I would have asked Mona but she lives in Alabang Hills and she is an office girl now.  Weekends are time for her to rest.

Thank you so much, Jing!!!!  I would not have been able to reach the ceiling if not for your "long, beautiful legs"!!!

I told her son before, your Mom is a SUPERWOMAN!!!

Our hard work paid off!


I like the way my house turned out.

It is nothing fancy but fun and happy.  Just like I am!

Food Diary:


2 eggs, shrimp, mushroom, onion, garlic and tomatoes omelette


roast chicken
yang chow fried rice


Fried Chicken
left over yang chow fried rice