Saturday, August 4, 2012

My First Birthmonth Celebration

FBS: 73

Oh good!  I was so afraid the FBS would be high because I was not able to monitor for a week! But at least it is still in the normal low.

I started celebrating my Birthmonth today.  I had lunch at Yaki Mix with PD and for dinner, my friends and I went to Jodie's new house in Paranaque to welcome our friend Pinky home from overseas.  They also surprised me with a birthday cake and they let me blow out a candle accompanied by them singing, Happy Birthday!

Tricia, Mico and I shared in our potluck contribution.  I cooked Kare Kare


and Rellenong Bangus.

We asked Pinky what she wanted to eat, so we got her favorite food.

Jodie ordered barbecue from BF

and my 2 friends requested for isaw BBQ.

Mona brought Arce Ube Ice cream, another favorite of Pinky.

Pinky brought Pancit Palabok

and very delicious Leche Flan!


She said, we can order from her.

Tin was in charge of dessert.

As usual, we enjoyed the company and of course, the food!  One thing I have in common with all of my friends.... We LOVE to eat!

Food Diary:


orange segments
handful of cashews


Grilled meat and seafood
fried rice


Pork BBQ
1/2 C. rice
1 slice rellenong bangus
Kare Kare with vegetables
Dulcelin mango torte sans the crust
slice of leche flan

P.S. My doctor friends, Tricia and Mico, said I do not have to take my FBS tomorrow!  I have to watch what I eat!  I had to change into another pair of shorts tonight because ... another pair of shorts had bitten the dust again, they were falling down the floor!

 I do not want to change my wardrobe yet because I am assured by Dr. Davis' book, "Wheat Belly", I am going to lose more after several months of adapting the wheat-free lifestyle.

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