Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I've been bad....

FBS: 133

When I'm bad.... I'm very, very bad.  After dinner last night, I went to Razon's Jupiter to eat Halo-Halo!!!!  I do not have the right to eat something so sweet... something so bad and yet so good!!!  I was researching all day yesterday for a good Filipino dessert and I came across several websites of Halo-Halo ... hence.... my sin.

I had a fruitful day today, albeit busy.  I went to Farmer's Market to buy some ingredients I need for my Friday and Sunday birthday celebrations.  Good thing, I went early ... they almost ran out of ubod for my lumpia!!!  I also had to smuggle the shrimps I bought.  I put it in a disposable plastic container, put it in a plastic bag and then I hid it inside my purse!!!  It is so easy for me to ride the MRT to Farmer's, I would just park my car at the Zodiac/Jupiter gate and then take the train from Buendia Station.  I used to drive every weekend to Farmer's in Cubao ... that was when I was not yet afraid of EDSA.

Food Diary: (Hmmmm I think I ate a lot today, I hope tomorrow my FBS is lower.)


1/2 C. garlic rice
beef tapa
1 egg, fried


1/2 C. rice
steamed kangkong
Lechon Macau


Fries (BAD!!!)


Fried Rice
Lechon Kawali
Chicken Feet

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