Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Birthmonth, Lia!

I am celebrating my birthmonth this August!  Before, we used to call it, Happy Birthday Everyday, Lia!  Corry was usually the first to treat me.  She asked me the other day if I still wanted to uphold the tradition.  But I said, I do not want to eat like it is my birthday everyday for the whole month of August!

I did that last year and by the time I went to Boracay, I was about to explode!  I brought several pairs of shorts, I did not try them on before packing.  Why should I? I used to wear them most of the time.  When I got to Boracay, I was only able to use 2 pairs, which I wore over and over because the other pairs of shorts were too tight.  NOT tight but there was about a 3 to 4 inch gap! So I vowed, I cannot celebrate everyday for the whole month of August this year.

The tradition started when my Dad was still alive, he said as soon as the calendar changed to August, it was my birthday already, everyday!  So, imagine how it felt like to be "special" everyday for the whole month!

Finally..... Hermie will buy my glucose strips tomorrow in Bambang!  I have not checked my FBS in days!  I did not want her to go when it was raining hard knowing fully that the area is flood prone.  I hope my results do not go up!!!

Lisa asked me if I experienced already some weight loss.  She said that my numbers (test results) are fine but she has not heard me comment on my weight or if I am starting to lose my "wheat belly".

I can safely say I felt that my shorts are somewhat loose already.  Sometimes, I even have to hold the waist band when I am walking because they tend to fall to the floor!

I have this particular pair of black shorts I have not worn in weeks because now, they are just tooooo loose!  The "wheat belly" is shrinking.  I know it is going to take a while because it took me years to put on weight.  It is not like my sugar, that if I behave for a few days, the FBS results would be great the next day.

Food Diary:

1/2 C. rice
1 egg, sunny-side up
half a small can of Century Tuna Hot and Spicy


Turbo Broiler Chicken
Sauteed vegetables
1/2 C. rice


250 ml. fresh milk
handful of cashews
steamed chicken feet
pork sio mai with no skin


Fried rice
Fried Chicken with no breading

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