Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Choc-nut = Culprit

FBS: 122

What?!?!?!  When I checked my FBS this morning it was 122!  I was trying to recall what I ate yesterday, all I can remember were the following: rice,  fish, vegetables and roast chicken.  Then this afternoon, I had a headache and felt feverish.  I checked my temp., it was only 36, I checked my FBS, it was 202!!! 

I wanted to identify the culprit when suddenly, I remembered!

While I was talking on the phone to Mona last night, I was eating Choc-nut.  I read the label and the ingredients are: roasted peanuts, milk powder, sugar and cocoa.  Maybe a piece or 2 would have been ok, but I was snacking on it.  When Mona called my attention that I have been eating a lot of choc-nut already, I saw a pile of wrappers! I probably consumed 12 in one sitting.    I am diabetic and yet I ate something high in sugar. I admit, it was my fault. So.... never again.

I do learn everyday what triggers the spike in my FBS.

My rellenong bangus with lots of whole belly fat for lunch.

As I have said yesterday, I wanted to redeem myself.

Food Diary:


1/2 C. garlic rice
1 egg, scrambled with shrimps, onions, tomatoes and garlic


1/2 C. rice
3 slices rellenong bangus pan-fried in olive oil
sauteed string beans




1 qtr. roast chicken
patola soup

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